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Publications in Implant Dentistry

  • Implants for Minimizing Need for Bone Grafts - Bone loss issues can be highly variable from patient to patient. The causes and locations of bone loss can be uniquely different, frequently requiring special experience and access to technologies that many, if not most, dentists don't have "full" access to (e.g., chin block grafts, ramus grafts, tent grafts, stem cell grafts, ridge splitting). Some dentists and specialists, by virtue of training and experience, can now offer treatments that minimize the need for bone graft treatments.

  • Non Invasive Implant Dentistry - New advancements in dental implant technologies now enable patients to choose non invasive implant surgery procedures. Minimal surgery and suture free implant placements creates an environment for negligible need for local anesthetics and promotes rapid healing without additional tissue surgeries to expose implants prior to final restoration.

  • Technologies for Maximizing Implant Success - Learn about today's implant surgery technologies that are available through dental practices and dentists who strive to create the best implant experience for their patients.

  • Implants for Fixed Bridges: Cemented vs Screw Retained - Implants are a favored technology for developing bridgework that not only replaces missing teeth but preserves critical bone mass along the jawbone. Learn the applications and differences between cemented bridges versus installation with screws.

  • Cantilevered Bridges: New Teeth where No Bone Exists - The use of cantilevered implant bridge systems has been advanced and redefined by some of the best known post graduate training programs available to implant dentists. Learn how creative uses of technology can recreate entire arches of beautiful teeth in patients where tooth, tissue and bone loss has been significant.

  • CoDiagnosis Training: Virtual Treatment Planning Demonstration Watch how a Chicago area Implant Dentist incorporates 3D catscan data into his comprehensive assessments for all new patients considering treatments for dental implants, bone grafting, tooth replacement, sinus surgery and just about anything that involves surgery. Patients are quickly training to read, interpret and comprehend technical data with ease, which assists the doctor and patient in selecting sensible and predictable uses of treatment options.

  • Sinus Lift Surgery Edited for graphic content and time constraints, this video segment outlines the process and procedures for undergoing a Sinus Lift surgery, in preparation for placement of 6 Imtec mini implants for upper denture stabilization (The Imtec video appears below). Video provided by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Minimizing Tooth Extraction Bone Loss - Bioengineers in dentistry discover that traditional toot extraction surgery is antiquated. Learn about modern procedures and technologies that minimize trauma and improve implant site preparation.

  • Bone Loss Extremes - A step by step technical discussion of bone loss issues and the resorption process. Learn the different causes and factors that lead to or accelerate bone loss and treatment options for restoring deficient jaw bone mass. Authored by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Subperiosteal Implants - Actual treatment example of creating an implant treatment solution of an upper jaw (maxilla) that has poor bone quality. See how a subperiosteal implant frame is created to fit over the remaining boney ridge that quickly becomes itegrated into the remaining bone tissue (osseointegration) that becomes the foundation of a fixed bridge prosthetic.

  • Implants Explained - Learn more about the actual implant process and steps for preparing and installing a dental implant. Graphic outline included

  • Implants for Dentures - The ideal solution for stabilizing dentures with anchoring implants. This procedure can be an excellent alternative for patients who are unable to benefit from traditional multiple dental implants.

  • Bone and Tissue Grafting - Different types of grafts for a variety of dental needs. Discusses why grafting is needed (gum recession - inadequate jaw bone) and causal relationships.

  • Preventing Tooth Loss - Endodontics - Root Canal procedures used for eliminating and controlling oral diseases that cause eventual loss of teeth. Learn basic diagnostics and post operative tips for maintaining optimal oral health.

  • Osseointegration - Process for Successful Implants - From tooth extraction to successful integration necessary for implant success. Learn the details and implications for different types of implant procedures.

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tooth replacement procedures are technique sensitive and can incorporate different degrees of predictability for implant success dependent upon the skills and technologies used by the local surgeon periodontist specialist or local implant dentist diagnosis of occlusal function and restoration procedure

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