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One Appointment Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction in one appointment.


See how advanced technologies in tissue regeneration and implant dentistry can be combined to enable knowledgeable dentists to perform reconstruction makeovers in a single appointment.

Extractions, precision bone leveling, socket grafting, ridge splitting, bone graft product hybrids, immediate load implants, load balancing and guided tissue regeneration represent some of the advanced treatment combinations that can eliminate the need for many patients to be toothless for nearly any reconstructive treatment.

This patient reported little to no discomfort during treatment and left the dental office with a full set of new prosthetic teeth. He ate a spaghetti dinner the same night. Post operative pain was managed with simple use of ibuprofen, as needed, for 2 days.

The longer term cosmetic goals of all final restorations and management of vertical dimension management (increasing bite height that creates a face lift effect) occurs over several weeks, providing the patient with as much time as needed in making final selections of tooth sizing, smile line shape, color and shading and the preferred attachment methods (removable, non-removable, cemented versus screw retained).

Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy Michigan MI

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Implant placement procedures are technique sensitive and can incorporate different degrees of predictability for implant success dependent upon the skills and technologies used by the dental implants surgeon periodontist specialist or local implant dentist diagnosis of occlusal function and restoration procedure

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