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Implant Photo Gallery - Clemmons North Carolina

Anterior Tooth Replacement - Impress Veneers - Procera Crown

Our patient, a young, attractive female, had 3 anterior teeth that had significant discoloration.

Custom Implants Prosthodontic Smile Reconstruction Photo One of her front teeth had sustained a fracture. After reviewing different choices of treatment plans, our patient elected to have her fractured tooth replaced with a specialized, Camlog Dental Implant.

This type of implant has an engineering feature that overcomes the common problem of implant failure occuring due to excessive forces (biting and chewing) operating upon the implant abutment screw. The Camlog implant distributes the biting forces uniquely, thereby practically eliminating rotational problems, screws becoming loose or becoming fractured.

Considering the location of the new artificial root form implant, the patient agreed the unique features of her new implant would provide long term assurance of optimal dental function.

After Photo Implants Smile Reconstruction Photos The other two, adjacent anterior teeth were fitting with Impress Porcelain Veneer laminates that were color matched to her new Procera crown (implant restoration) and her remaining teeth.

The cosmetic result was quite dramatic. Although only 3 porcelain components were used, the patient's smile line was significantly altered to produce a smile that was much more youthful and appealing compared to her original teeth. The smile line has near perfect harmony with the natural curvature of her lower lip.

Photography provided by:
A. Kelly, DDS

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tooth replacement procedures are technique sensitive and can incorporate different degrees of predictability for implant success dependent upon the skills and technologies used by the local surgeon periodontist specialist or local implant dentist diagnosis of occlusal function and restoration procedure

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