The Free Dentistry Directory is a resource for finding public and private supported dental health care available at reduced fees, and in some instances…. depending upon eligibility criteria, free.

Eligible for Medicaid?

Patients and families with Medicaid elgibility can find Medicaid Providers at

Families with children needing dental care may be able to qualify for special funding to obtain health insurance for children with the help of the Federal government. Read more about this popular and growing program.

This website is revised on a daily basis. We continue to compile community, city, state and Federal resources for dental health treatment.

Most, if not all, health programs have specific criteria for determining eligibility. Some of the common criteria for establishing eligibility is disability, unemployed or loss of employment, single parent family, homeless and dependent children.

Disability Populations

The National Foundation of Dentistry (NFDH) has developed a program for Dentists to donate certain services for qualifying individuals. Applicants who are either disabled, elderly or medically compromised and have no other way for paying for dental care may be able to secure help in their area via donated services.

A program coordinator is available for each state. Visit the NFDH state directory to research eligibility requirements and the availability of donated dental services in your area.